The painting was created in real time during the cocktail hour, and gifted to a favorite client as an appreciation.  The live impressionistic abstract painting painting is a 36 x 48 acrylic on canvas piece. It is an impressionistic colorful abstract that has the Chicago Riverwalk  in the godcoast neighborhood with abstract buildings  in the middle of the painting there is blue and green water with intentional painted drips that come into the foreground of the cocktail hour features of shack people, and two small cocktail tables.The quickness of the brushstrokes create a vibrancy. There’s boldness of colors. They give this piece life. 

This 36 x 48 acrylic on canvas creation, notable for its dynamic impressionistic abstract style. Prominently depicts the Chicago Riverwalk within the Gold Coast neighborhood. The canvas features abstract renditions of buildings and stylized blue and green waters at its center. What sets this painting apart is the deliberate inclusion of painted drips that stretch into the foreground, introducing an element of spontaneity and movement. The forefront of the artwork portrays individuals in a cocktail hour setting, accompanied by two small cocktail tables. The use of brisk brushstrokes infuses the piece with vitality, and the bold choice of colors breathes life and energy into the composition. In sum, it effectively captures the vivacious ambiance of a Chicago Riverwalk scene during an animated cocktail hour in the Gold Coast neighborhood.

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