Capture Your Wedding Memories Forever and Ever with Live Event Painting

What is a wedding painting? It's you and your guests watching the magical night unfold in real-time. It's seeing the essence of the evening translated into paints and colors. It's an element of the night's entertainment, a work of art coming alive in front of your eyes. As the reception unfolds, the painting unfolds, and everyone will be a part of witnessing how it materializes. My particular style - abstract, expressionistic - means your wedding isn't rendered as a static object, but a piece of art that mirrors the event itself, the surprises and little moments, the setting, loved ones gathered, all of it tied together in a rare, personalized way. Everybody is a subject, every one a collaborator.

Captured once, the memories will remain yours forever, starting out from the very beginning of your new life as a couple and making the journey with you along the way. Your magical night alive forever, artwork that's yours throughout the years to come.

xo -HiD

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Paint Your Event is live entertainment, art performance by artist Heidi Schwartz.
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