Acrylic on canvas live event painting measuring 36 x 48 inches captures the vibrant atmosphere of a 1920s-themed corporate party at the Italian Club of Tampa. Bold brushstrokes portray scenes of cocktail hour and after-party, featuring a jazz band, stilt walkers, and guests in period attire. Created by artist Heidi (HiD) Schwartz.

This vibrant live event painting, created by live event artist Heidi (HiD) Schwartz of Paint Your Event, captures the essence of a roaring 20s themed corporate party. It’s an abstract impressionistic piece that beautifully incorporates two key aspects of the evening.
One room depicts the cocktail hour, with vibrant yellow tones portraying the bar, doorways, and windows in an artistic manner. The other room showcases the lively after-party, complete with a band featuring trumpet, saxophone, and horns, as well as stilt walkers towering over the scene.
In the foreground, a man in a striking pink striped suit commands attention, while women in white dominate the back corners, creating a dynamic composition. Throughout the painting, abstract figures dressed in 1920s attire, characterized by feathered hairpieces and sharp suits, evoke the spirit of the era.
Measuring 36 x 48 inches and painted with acrylic on canvas, this piece was created in just 90 minutes during the after-party at the Italian Club of Tampa, located in the historic Ybor neighborhood. The bold, energetic brushstrokes capture the vibrancy and movement of the event, making it a truly unforgettable piece of art.

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