10 Tips on Hiring a Live Event Painter

“You and I and everybody in show business and the entertainment industry fly by the seat of our pants. We don’t know quite what is going to happen.”

– William Shatner

I agree with Mister Shatner, and I especially agree with this statement because I’m a LIVE event painter. Since I literally walk into a room without any idea of what I’m going to paint! AND I LOVE IT! It’s part of the excitement, and on-the-spot inspiration. Nothing is ever the same, so I’m kept on my toes, and THAT keeps me in the moment. It’s a beautiful thing.

Live painting is a loose cannon if you will. So, there are no real “standards” here because this is such rare form of entertainment. BUT there are some solid guidelines I’ve learned in doing this art form. So, here’s a handy list of good rules-of-thumb if you are interested in contracting an artist/painter/entertainer for your special event!


“10 Tips on Hiring a Live Event Painter”

  1. Make sure you get to watch the entire painting process during the event . . . . blank canvas to artist signature.
  2. See that the artist protects the painting area! Multiple . . . . and I mean MULTIPLE drop cloths, etc.
  3. Ask if the artist captures the entire event or just one scene? *This will greatly rely on painting style.
  4. Make sure they finish the painting at the event, and you can take the art home with you that night!
  5. Ask about the canvas size! Is it large enough for the people to see the painting evolve from afar?
  6. Think about the set-up and how it will look in the context of your event. Does it look cool and add to your event?
  7. Inquire about the artist attire. Does the artist dress up for the occasion?
  8. Ask the artist how they observe the room, and how they watch for important details.
  9. Make sure you get the space requirements fulfilled for having a live painter. I always request a 10×10 area of space!
  10. Does the artist have a blog to share your painting event with you, your guests, or clients afterwards?

Adding something unique, and special like a live event painter is not only awesome, interesting entertainment, but you also get a one-of-a-kind artistic memento to display forever. Now, you can’t say that about that 80’s rock band your were thinking about hiring for that yearly corporate event. Sorry Foreigner!

Happy Eventing!