Painting Marriott’s International Corporate Meeting Event “Le Diner en Blanc”

“Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise.”

Julia Cameron

As a live event painter I get to explore and create live art in unexpected places. Recently, I’ve really enjoyed being able to add artistic entertainment to different corporate events! Surprising sentence coming from an artist, right?!?


Well, these types of events provide some of the most unexpected bursts of creativity and intelligence. I suppose that is bound to happen when you get a group of movers and shakers uniting in a common goal. That generates some intense brainpower! So, erase the ole thinking that left brainers and right thinkers have to stay clear of each other and fade the black-and-white-rule that we aren’t allowed in the same working world.

So bring on creative corporate events and punch that “in-the-box thinking” right in the face! Bam, Bam! The America’s Marriott International Sales, Marketing, and Revenue Management Meeting in Phoenix, AZ did just that with Le Diner en Blanc! The special event was held at the lovely JW Marriot Desert Ridge Resort and Spa.

Le Diner en Blanc is an event tradition that began in Paris, France in 1988, when Francois Pasquier held a dinner party to reconnect with friends. To deal with a mounting guest list, he asked attendees to convene at the Bois de Boulogne dressed in all-white so they could recognize each other easily. Now every year all invited guests wear only white clothes, gather at a chosen spot and bring along food, drink, chairs, tables, and partake in a festive meal together. With this theme one evening of Marriot’s conference was uniquely entertaining, and visually stunning!

And I was there to artistically capture it on canvas!

The Le Diner en Blanc Event Painting Details
· *I started the blank canvas with the Marriot red M logo. As the guests arrived they saw the canvas echo the main backdrop sign. Later I added the sign with the logo M back into the scene of the live painting.

· *The background was the dark and clear Arizona evening sky lit with the bright half-moon provided a warm, happy vibe.

· *The warm brown romantic structure of the hotel with room lights created on of the main outline.

· *Palm Trees! Those always let you know you are in a warm climate and that makes everyone happy.

· *White lines of the abstract rows of tables and people with red hats.

· *The DJ Booth in the center of the red flower bed.

· *Large red wine bottle and red wine glass representing the fun that was had! Amen!

· *One sparkler! Sparklers were lit at the end of the evening so I had to include at least one!

· *The tall round light – this lit the yard, and it almost looked like a mini-moon. It was another cool accent!

· *White flower bouquet — beautiful white flowers were everywhere. I added an abstract bouquet in the right bottom that flows into the white outfit of the woman holding the bottle of wine.

The next day the painting was shared in the conference’s general session, and postcards / prints were gifted to everyone who attended as acommemoration of the event!

Enjoy the photos and painting of the white night of celebration created for Marriot’s Le Diner en Blanc!

Xoxoxo – HiD