Fight Night is an amateur boxing exhibition. It’s all heart and fist!

“A lover and a fighter and he’ll knock another out”
– Salt & Pepa


Live Event Painting the 2013 Fight Night at War Memorial Auditorium. Photos by Donn JonesALSO, it’s a fundraiser for Not Alone, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to creating a community in which veterans, active duty military personal and their families can learn to build on the strengths learned in combat to deal with their new normal at home. (That’s where the heart part comes in)

So what the heck was I doing there? Not fighting. Trust me, they don’t want my ‘Cindy Crawford workout video’ moves kicking in. I’m an animal! 😉

Live event painting!

And it was really crazy, cool! And… a little bloody. But no matter, that just made for some fun paint splashing in RED.

I attacked the canvas with the paintbrush while the fighters attacked each other. I had my paint stage and they had their ring. The cheering crowd gave us some fired up energy and the night went by like a 1, 2 punch! All 12 fights took less than two hours … and so, did my painting.

The Fight Night painting has bold colors. Capturing the ring of fighting, spotlights, the balcony crowd, a few ringside tables and of course, an abstract ring girl. The splats of primal red finished it off to KNOCK IT OUT. (Sorry I couldn’t resist)

Queue the Rocky music please

Special thanks to Donn Jones of for the amazing action shots!
Enjoy ☺

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