Budweiser Made In America Nashville Party

I was the local artist of Nashville chosen to do the live painting on a guitar for the Budweiser Made in America Tour. The 31-city circuit gathered local artistic talent to collect regionally inspired guitars from each show.

Nashville’s event was held at Music Marathon Works. The room was lightning bolt electric with music, dance and beer! Artists like Kill Paris & Chancellor gave musical performances and the people rocked the love right back with Budweiser glee!….And, you know what kind of glee I’m talking about, not the singing show but the joy that wise Mr. Franklin spoke of, and I quote…

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Benjamin Franklin

Paint Your Event BudweiserAmen, Ben. Anywho, I’ve lived in Nashville for 13 years and I feel like I can rightly call myself a local now. My representative mission, that I chose to accept, was to make a guitar that symbolized Nashville from my artistic interpretation. Here’s what I made:


Side: The side of the guitar starts with the blank and white “Cash” symbol. The popular image turns into an abstract musical staff layered with the“Ring of Fire“ lyrics that slowly flow into red, orange & yellow flames. These heated colors go up the neck of the guitar. Obviously symbolizing the song along with the musical passion that comes from an artist’s heart and soul.

Front: Abstract Grand Ole Opry stage scene. Classic Nashville, we all know & love.
Neck: At base of the neck is the Tennessee State flag followed by flames and music notes continuing Jonny Cash’s Ring of Fire lyrics,“Burn, burn, burn.” At the headstock lies the Budweiser bowtie reaching out to the tuning pegs, kind of like a bow on Christmas present. ☺

Back: Abstract view of the Nashville downtown skyline that includes the famous AT&T “Batman Building” among the uber cool waterfront red sculpture that stamps the Cumberland River bank.

The final 31-city guitar display was held at the Budweiser Made in America Music Festival in the Budweiser Beer Garden that was curated by the one and only Jay-Z! It took place at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, PA on August 31-September 1st.

A special thanks to Budweiser and Big Shoulders for having me and for throwing a crazy cool painting party!
Check out the fun time-lapse of the art making process and event below.