“A gray day provides the best light”

– Leonardo da Vinci


Joplin, Missouri was devastated on May 22, 2011 by a powerful tornado that ruined their former hospital, St. John’s Regional Medical Center. The shattered hospital was an iconic image to many of the tragedy of that frightening day.


I was lucky enough to be painting a better scene this late January evening. A scene of hope and a new memory. One with smiling people, food, music, all amongst a new state-of-the-art facility. The community had worked hard to construct the building and it was truly cause for a celebration. Media of all sorts were there to cover the exciting first event at the new hospital.

The hospital, to open in March, includes a cafeteria, beautiful decor, two underground levels, eight levels above ground and also has storm features like tornado-strength windows.

The excitement was everywhere at the event. Golden balloons filled a main area and little note cards were attached. Attendees were able to write a message and release it in to the sky.

The event hosted by the Mercy Health Foundation Joplin and presented by McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., was named Shine as a tribute to Catherine McAuley, Sisters of Mercy founder, who said, “We should be shining lamps, giving light to all around us.”

That is such a beautiful, important message. I hope my work is a light for others.

My commemorative painting was part of a not-so-silent auction with proceeds from the auction and the entire event helping to support Mercy Health Foundation Joplin in rebuilding Mercy Hospital and providing medical services and patient-centered care to to the community.

I am pleased to learn that my painting in the end is being fought over by two individuals who would like to have it. I am so very humbled that my work can go towards such a worthy cause to help such a deserving community rebuild their dreams.

Love in all kinds of light,