“Everyone loved Heidi and really enjoyed watching her work! I of course LOVED the painting and can’t wait to hang it up!”

Katie MorrisBride 

“I met Heidi for the first time when we arrived at the reception venue.  She was immediately, one of those people that is super easy to talk to and was excited for us and our big day!!!  Guests would talk to her while she was working and she seemed to handle it with ease.  In speaking with her after the reception I could not express how amazing our painting was!!!  This definitely brought a uniqueness and classiness to our wedding reception.”

Jessica RussellBride

“Having an artist paint live at my wedding reception was one of the best decisions I made while planning my wedding. Her artwork was a topic of conversation that brought both sides of the family together. She brought a sense of class, creativity, and fun to the reception which made the whole night memorable not only for me but for all my guests. And now, I have a gorgeous piece of art that I can look at everyday to remind me of the joy of my special day.”

Dana PatelBride